Embassy of Heaven Church Majordomo Upgrade

This page is for hosting providers who wish to improve the List Management features on a Sun RaQ4 appliance.

If your server was already Upgraded before April 2004, go here.

This package corrects and improves the handling of Majordomo (List Management).

Overall changes and improvements:

  1. Owner of list was originally 'Admin'. This caused all bounces to go to Server Administrator. A change was made so that the owner of list is 'Admin@YourVirtualDomain'. Now all bounces go to the appropriate virtual domain.
  2. Added a new field for an alternate moderator of the list. This causes all bounce messages to go to the list moderator instead of the list owner.
  3. Added a new option so that list can be moderated.
  4. Enhanced the restriction of postings to list so that it is either open, subscribers only, or private.
  5. Added new field to maintain the private email list for posting to list.

Caution and download:

A word of caution. The package below will probably void your warranty with Sun. It probably doesn't matter since the RaQ4 appliances are no longer being produced. This package was offered to Sun, but they were not interested since they are now producing RaQ 550's.

Your Cobalt RaQ4 Appliance must have the following rpm packages loaded (standard):


If you try to install our package and the above packages are not loaded on your appliance, you will get a "Bad Package File" error and our package will not be loaded.

The following download for Cobalt RaQ4 Appliances has been tested with all the Sun Cobalt RaQ4 packages installed through May 1, 2004. It will also work with appliances which have not been fully patched.

Download for OS Update 2.0: EOHCmajordomo-1.0-3.i386.pkg

Servers upgraded prior to the following April 2004 patch:


If your server was upgraded with the Majordomo upgrade prior to April 2004, the RaQ4-All-Security-2.0.1-16706 Sun Cobalt patch will cause the Modify screen feature of Majordomo to not work. The reason is because Sun Cobalt restored an original file and wiped out the updated copy. This will not be a problem if you installed EOHCmajordomo-1.0-3.i386.pkg after the 16706 patch.

If your server was upgraded prior to the above patch, start a telnet session and enter the following commands to restore the file:

Change directory:
# cd  /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Cobalt

Backup the new Sun Cobalt file:
# cp  -a  List.pm  List.pm.neworiginal

Restore the file:
# cp  -a  /usr/EOHCmajordomo/List.pm  List.pm

Upgrading from EOHCmajordomo-1.0-1.i386.pkg

This was my first attempt to make a package file and I overlooked setting up the uninstall code. If you have already installed the first release, you will need do a Telnet session in Super User mode to prepare your appliance for upgrading to the latest version. Enter the following:

rpm  -e  --nodeps  EOHCmajordomo
rm  -f  /var/lib/cobalt/EOHCmajordomo-1.0.md5lst

Now you are ready to install the package using your Server Management GUI.

Messages file needs to be resynchronized:

Some installations do not properly resynchronize the GUI administrator with the new messages file. If the text on your administration screens has changed, then perform the following steps.

  1. Use Telnet and enter 'su -' to enter super user mode.
  2. /etc/rc.d/init.d/admserv restart

This will restart the administration server and reload the messages file.

Majordomo aliases needs to be modified:

The alias file for all previously created mailing lists needs to be modified. The aliases.majordomo file needs to have 'admin' changed to the virtual host for each existing mailing list (admin --> admin@virtualdomain.com). The new programs cannot change the old aliases. This must be done manually. The new programs will create the correct aliases for any new mailing lists being created. Perform the following steps to correct the aliases file:

  1. The backup file is /etc/mail/aliases.majordomo.original.
  2. Use Telnet and enter 'su -' to enter super user mode.
  3. Use the vi editor. 'vi /etc/mail/aliases.majordomo' (Make sure that you know how to use vi editor. You could get lost.)
  4. Use the find command to locate each admin. '/admin' the first time and '/' for each additional occurrence.
  5. Locate each line that has the last word 'admin'.
  6. Examine several lines above for the fully qualified domain name (fqdn, example www.domain.com).
  7. Use the insert mode 'i' to replace the last word 'admin' with 'admin@<domain name>', substituting <domain name> with actual fully qualified domain name.
  8. When complete, escape the insert mode '<esc>', and save the file 'ZZ', or abandon ':q!'.

This will fix each domain so that the owner of each list will point to the correct email address. Now the owner of the Cobalt server will not be getting all the bounced emails. If you do not understand this last step, go ahead and run List Manager and create a new list. Then come back here and examine the new list that you made. Change all the other lists to be similar to the new list. Again, the object is to correct all aliases that point to 'admin'. When each alias points to 'admin', it thinks that the owner is the server administrator. That is incorrect. It should actually point to 'admin@virtualdomain.com' (actual domain name). Then the virtual domain owner will get the bounce email instead of the server administrator.

The following files on the server are modified:

  1. /usr/admserv/cgi-bin/.cobalt/mailListAdd/mailListAdd.cgi
  2. /usr/admserv/cgi-bin/.cobalt/mailListMod/mailListMod.cgi
  3. /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Cobalt/List.pm
  4. /usr/admserv/templates/mailListAdd.tmpl
  5. /usr/admserv/templates/mailListMod.tmpl
  6. /etc/cobalt/messages/en_US/ui.po
  7. /usr/share/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/ui.mo

The original files above are backed up as follows:

  1. /usr/admserv/cgi-bin/.cobalt/mailListAdd/mailListAdd.cgi.original
  2. /usr/admserv/cgi-bin/.cobalt/mailListMod/mailListMod.cgi.original
  3. /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Cobalt/List.pm.original
  4. /usr/admserv/templates/mailListAdd.tmpl.original
  5. /usr/admserv/templates/mailListMod.tmpl.original
  6. /etc/cobalt/messages/en_US/ui.po.original
  7. /usr/share/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/ui.mo.original

Migrating a RaQ4 to another RaQ4:

A package is available from Sun Microsystems to migrate virtual sites from a Sun RaQ4 to another Sun RaQ4. The Sun Cobalt Migration Utility is loaded on each appliance and must be modified to correctly handle the transfer of the upgraded Majordomo information.

The Migration Utility requires substantial Telnet (SSH) usage to perform the transfer. Since the user is already in the heart of the system, we decided to have the following program ftp'ed to the server and installed into the proper directory.

To install, perform the following commands from super user:

#  cd  /usr/cmu/perl  (change directory to the perl folder)
#  mv  RaQ4.pm  RaQ4.pm.original  (move the original file to make a backup)
#  cp <directory of ftp'ed copy>/RaQ4.pm  RaQ4.pm  (copy the new file into the directory)

Here is the file - RaQ4.pm

Once the patch has been installed on both machines, the cmuExport and cmuImport can be used to transfer the Virtual Sites from one machine to the other. The instructions are given in the Sun Cobalt Migration Utility User Manual.

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